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Ethical Standards

Journal of Judicial Studies

Privacy Statement: The names and e-mail addresses registered on this website will be used exclusively for the purposes set forth herein and will not be provided to third parties.

Ethical standards for authors:

– To certify that the article submitted for evaluation is original and unpublished work.

– To certify that the same article has not been submitted to another journal for simultaneous evaluation.

– To guarantee that the sources used in the manuscript have been cited accurately and exhaustively, without incurring in any type of plagiarism (total, partial, or self-plagiarism).

– To inform, in the text of the article, any sources of funding granted for the study and the existence of any conflict of interest that may affect the impartiality of the investigation.

Ethical Standards for Evaluators

– Reviewers should report any potential conflicts of interest as soon as they become apparent.

– Reviewers must maintain the confidentiality of the manuscript during the review process.

– Reviewers must maintain the confidentiality of the fact that they have evaluated a given article, even after its publication.

Plagiarism Detection

The journal maintains a policy for detecting plagiarism or similarity using specialized software.